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18 January 2011 @ 12:05 pm
Star Trek RPS fic rec sticky post  
It's finally here! The RPS rec list that I promised you! \o/ As with my other rec lists, this will be updated regularly, so be sure to come back and check for more goodies.

Urbine (Chris Pine/Karl Urban)

General fic

Flawless Victory! by thalialunacy. For the prompt: Chris is like, ‘IF YOU KEEP MAKING KISSY FACES LIKE THAT I'M GONNA SMOOCH YOU’ and then Karl goes around making that face all the time and SHENANIGANS HAPPEN.

A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by thalialunacy. Chris is sick. And stubborn.

Disco Stick (aka Karl Can't Dance or the Lady GaGa Chronicles) by withthepilot. Karl can't dance but Chris can. So can Zach. Cue some smitten, irrational, jealous fervor, Kiwi-style.

Laugh by heddaberry. Karl notices Chris' adorable giggle and is suitably bothered.

The Old Man and the Frat Boy by thalialunacy. Beer. Jokes about sororities. Sex. An almost-typical Tuesday.

Big Spoon, Little Spoon by withthepilot. When Chris and Karl sleep, the big Kiwi bastard likes to be the little spoon. Sequel: Come For Him.

Shark (Ghost of a Shark) by tourdefierce. I can't even begin to give you a summary of this. JUST GO READ IT ALREADY.

Annihilation by tourdefierce. It's the little things, in the end, that drive Chris mad.

The Shapes a Bright Container can Contain by blcwriter. Inspired by Roethke’s I knew a woman, because there are times when you feel old and the people you love are how and when you feel young again.

Daydreams (Extended) by brytewolf. After Karl gets caught daydreaming about Chris at a convention, he finds he's not the only one that's been fantasizing. And that reality is so much better than dreams.

Open Windows, Open Doors, Welcome Home by blcwriter. Plot plot angst plot poetry lit!kink angst plot OOH WAIT THERE’S THE PORN. Oh. And Karl’s kids. And mean!Natalie. Schmoop at the end.

Impulsive by inell. This is probably a big mistake. Huge. Monumental. Colossal, even.

Flash by abigail89. Chris gets his panties in a wad over a photo.

Moments Unforgettable by sunriseinspace. It's a gut-punch to realize how desperately he needs for this to be real.

The Wound is Healed by sangueuk. Chris hates his scars. Karl doesn’t.

Like a Freight Train thalialunacy. Fuffy first-time SMUTLET.

An Unfriendly Breakfast by blcwriter. Written for the Valentine's prompt: "I don't want to be friends.

Hush by blue_jack. Loving someone should never be this hard.

Through the Lens of Another thalialunacy. Chris wonders why Karl keeps disappearing on him.

Things Unsaid by blcwriter. Believing that Karl has broken up with him, Chris doesn't take care of himself and ends up in the hospital.

Take Your Momma Out by roflolmaomg. Buhhh, sort've like, a coda to the Oscars. Karl makes things better.

Eyes Still Are Brightest by blcwriter. Someone asks Chris his opinion about what constitutes a good handjob at a con. Things get a little out of control, including fainting fan-girls, elevator mirror-wall sex, and Zach Quinto actually asking for lessons. Sequel: Happily Blinded.

In Focus by blcwriter. Chris Pine without glasses or contact lenses is a natural disaster waiting to happen. Karl gets tricked by the rest of the cast into taking him home and making sure Chris doesn't accidentally kill himself. Chris uses this as an excuse to touch Karl as much as possible, something that he has wanted to do for ages but didn't dare to. Sexy times ensue.

Just Between the Two of Us by royal_chandler. Five random kisses between Chris and Karl.

Can't Fix Anything by thatreevesgirl. Karl's marriage is failing, and just when Karl thinks the situation cannot get worse, here comes Chris Pine to complicate it all to hell.

Complimentary by blcwriter. Chris doesn't know how to take compliments-- Karl sets out to fix that.



Momma Knows Best by roflolmaomg. “Pine. See me after class.” Sequels: Candy Man and Extra Credit.

Do I Make the Wagner Joke Now, Or Later? by thalialunacy. Karl has a secret. Okay, maybe a couple of secrets.



Tease by pathstotread. Karl is obsessed with Chris's lips, has a mission to get him to blow him.

Suck My Kiss by smutjunkie. Chris and Karl have an oral fixation.

Tiny Infinity by royal_chandler. Sex between Chris and Karl, set about three years in the future.

Don't Say My Name by simons_flower. Chris wakes with a sore jaw, a heavy arm around his waist and little memory of the night before.

Down Boy (Turn Around) by heddaberry. Karl appreciates Chris' fine ass in those jeans he wears every damn day.

Shiny, Shiny by sangueuk. Karl’s feeling possessive.

Honey, I Won't Beg by roflolmaomg. Urbine fingering.

Untitled, or Shameless and Kind of Schmoopy Sex by misfitdauphine. Karl gets roughed up. Chris gives his own brand of TLC.

The Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors by skyblue_reverie. Fluffy PWP set, oh, a couple years in the future.

I Fall So Hard Inside the Idea of You by royal_chandler. It’s suicidal [but Chris knows what he’s doing].

Courtesy of Mr. Watts by roflolmaomg. Inspired by all those delightful Cliff Watts photos of Mr. Pine!

Control by blue_jack. Karl noticed that Chris had a thing about control.

Lovers in the Backseat by withthepilot. Karl's original plan was to have sex with Chris on their group camping trip. Change of plans.

I'll Ides YOUR March by thalialunacy. Chris wanks it to Xena on March 15th. No lie.

A trio of comment porn ficlets by blcwriter. Ficlets are 'Drive Quickly,' re: Chris' tempting belly-flash while Karl's in the car, '(Secret) Agent Provacateur, aka Cardigan Porn,' otherwise known as the fic in which Karl can't stand the way Chris dresses and can't wait to get those awful clothes off his body, and 'He's Also Happy to See You,' because there was a pic of Karl with a suspicious bulge in his pocket that just didn't seem like THAT BULGE, if you know what I mean, the last one featuring toppy!Chris, which I know makes some of you steamy.



Les mots justes (les marques permanentes) by blcwriter & sangueuk. Words and memories leave marks as deep as rings, tan lines, stupid hats and tattoos. It's those moments of pain and pleasure that add up in a love affair-- or whatever you call it-- until it's too much to bear, one way or the other. But some marks can't be erased, and some words, said or unsaid, can't be taken back once the moment is past. What happens as Chris and Karl go from friends to lovers, then nothing-- is their summation of moments all done, or does it add up to something-- come out as words-- worth holding on to? Short sequel: Petits Bisous (A Les Mots Justes ‘verse fic).


Pinto (Chris Pine/Zach Quinto)

General fic

Nascent by angstbunny. There's irony in the fact that the word 'moribund' is responsible for the shiny new feelings in Zach.

Just Them by oncetwiceforevr. The water bottle snatching escalates, sometime between week 4 and 5 of shooting, and soon Zach is stealing all sorts of his things, from his laptop and extra cardigans to his utensils during meal breaks.

Yellow Light by the_deep_magic. Basically, Zach/Chris, slow romance … they don’t fuck on the first date.

Journey Worth Making by Miz. The cast playing matchmakers for Zach/Chris.

Just Right by htebazy_fic. Subject = dating.

A Lot of Walking by ewinfic. Chris has never been in a homosexual relationship and is having the BIG GAY FREAKOUT before anything has even happened. He turns to a close friend for advice.

The Real Life of Jack Christian by bootson. Chris writes novels on the side and under a pseudonym. He finds out Zach’s a fan and pesters him constantly.

Adventures in Oblivion by roebling. How Zachary Quinto Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Pine.

Summerlong by jenlynns_fics. Chris and Zach meet on a road trip during the summer of 1998.

And Then There's That Kiss-Sound by x_carnivale_x. It's really all about hotel rooms, and press tours, and the fact that they always share a bed. And then there's that kiss-sound that Chris has never noticed before when he's kissed other people.

l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux by formerlydf. Zach can handle someone metaphorically leaving their heart in his hands; he's never had to contemplate what he would do if someone left their metaphorical heart literally in his hands.

Suave Sesquipedalian Bastard by blcwriter. Chris is trapped in an inferno of words, and Zach Quinto is the devil stoking the fire.

Blacking Out the Friction by cascades. In which Chris likes to touch, and Zach goes through several phases regarding this, including discomfort, apathy, suspicion, acceptance, and obsession to the point of insanity. It's like the stages of depression, except with more erections and about the same amount of drinking.

The Things We've Grown to Love by anythingever. Zach dumps Chris. Chris has some trouble figuring out if he’s trying to get over Zach, to get back at Zach, or to get Zach back, but enlists the help of John Cho regardless.

Indefinable by _disappoint_me_. Spending too much time concerned with thinking about what they aren‘t, he neglects to see them for what they are.

Waiting by _disappoint_me_. Zach comes down with a nasty case of word vomit, which yields totally disastrous, and then totally awesome results.

You Had Me at "Pon Farr" by the_deep_magic. Zach goes through Pon Farr.

Heart of Glass by blcwriter. Underneath it all, there's a blown-glass heart or maybe a vessel, like the finest wine goblets, something delicate, transparent, full of light and emotion the whole world can cherish or crush, depending on whether they decide to be careful.

First Impressions by brytewolf. Chris had initially dismissed Zach as "not his type" -- but after spending time with Zach, and discovering his inherent beauty, he begins to change his mind.

Our Fate Has Long Been Cast by the_deep_magic. This is how Zach decides that Chris is going to leave him.

Didn't Love Me True by therumjournals. Chris wakes up one morning to learn that he has no recollection of the past two years of his life - and even more devastating, no memory of his relationship with Zach. What he finds out about Zach’s role in his apparent amnesia sends his world spinning out of control.

My Body is a Cage by x_carnivale_x. Zach discovers, after coming back from Pittsburgh right before they're scheduled to start filming the Star Trek sequel, that Chris has secretly been trying to teach himself to dance West Coast Swing. Zach catches Chris in the act, and much to Chris's surprise, he learns that Zach already knows the dance. Zach is determined to teach Chris, and Chris is determined to learn. Never mind the fact that Chris was already teaching himself to dance the girl's part...

If Wishes Were Horses by ladyblahblah. This file Zach downloaded . . . isn't what it's supposed to be.

Noah by therumjournals. Zach loses Noah, and Chris is the one to find him. Warning: character death [of the 4-legged variety]

Warm by littleboycalico. Chris invites Zach to spend a long weekend with him at a vacation home in the Berkshires.

Get No Blame, Feel No Shame by the_deep_magic. Chris doesn’t have the courage to tell Zach how he feels. But someone else might…" Or: How Rodolfo saved the day.

Late At Night A Lover Sings by rainbowstrlght. When Zach leaves for New York, Chris is worried. How will their relationship survive the year, when they'll spend most of it apart?" Angsty, sweet, and hopeful.

I Know Where I Want to Go by front_thescene. They're ready; they were made for this. In which Chris has a fixation with his mouth and Zach has a fixation with Chris.

Pretty Meaty Burrito by creampuffsteph. Chris uses e-cards as an aid to help keep in touch with Zach.

Cherry Lips by withthepilot. Zach barely remembers why he first went to the club but he knows why he kept going back.

This Is Us Verse by therumjournals. Zach brings the party to Chris’s apartment. Chris gets over it.

Full Circle (Or Five Times Zach and Chris Left a Party Early and the One Time They Stayed til the End.) by aliassmith.

Eyes Only by the_deep_magic. Just so we are clear- there's no such thing as a 'Pinto Mafia.' That would imply there's something to cover up. Which, ok, there are some things that do need to be concealed, but that's just because they're idiots and need protection from themselves. It's not like they are fucking. We think.

My Secret Admirer Part 1 and Part 2 by lindarella123. Zach is bummed that he has to spend another Valentine’s Day without someone special in his life to woo him, romance him, and give him the happily ever after his heart desires. Chris can’t stand to see his best friend unhappy and decides to give him the Valentine’s Day of his dreams by becoming Zach’s secret admirer. The one thing Chris hadn’t counted on was falling in love.

Touch Me in the Morning Sun by piratessa. Snippets in the life of Zach and Chris.

Feels Just Like it Should by the_deep_magic. One challenges the other to a contest: who can hold out the longest without jerking off?

Feels Like Reckless Driving by auctorial. Chris keeps the echoing ghosts of their words locked tightly inside of him, nurturing them like a precious thing waiting to grow.

Imbroglio by littlebirdtold. Jon is the perfect boyfriend Zach has been looking for all his life, and he'll be damned if he lets Chris screw it up. Jon is everything Chris isn't and everything Zach should want. But sometimes the heart doesn't want perfection, and Chris Pine is like an itch Zach can't scratch away; when he tries, it only gets worse. A story of unrequited love and a man who is trying to move on and failing.



~NEW 11/4/14~ I Cannot Tell a Lie by artlesstumbles. If he wins the candidacy, Zach will be the first gay president. Even if Chris, and the rest of the campaign staffers, are the only ones who know it.

Three Dozen Daisies by lalazee. The AU where Chris is a florist and Zach celebrates every holiday in existence, so he can come and buy flowers from him.

Couture by demonllama1. Zach is a successful fashion designer and Chris is a male model that he takes an interest in.

Wand of Light by rip_beedlebarg. Healing tantric peen AU - Zach's a tantric sex worker who is here to help Chris fully realize his inner gay god.

Tale as Old as Time by rip_beedlebarg. VERY AU - Chris is a lowly farm boy, living life in the shadow of the castle of the Beast. Basically your usual Beauty and the Beast story, only an RPS version.

46th and Pine: A West Philadelphia Love Story by therumjournals. Philadelphia AU. Chris is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania when he meets Zach, a hipster artist with a hippie lifestyle in West Philadelphia.

Starstruck by therumjournals. DJ AU inspired by Lady Gaga’s Starstruck.

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk by littleboycalico. Chris has multiple back injuries and gets paired up with a physical therapist named Zach.

Trick by greenappleseas. The Roses Diner, Chris opinionates, isn't too bad. Several other lizards have passed through, and he's heard horror stories from them over a cup of coffee – things that make him glad to have a pimp like Bones. The food is good, and the diner is clean. The Roses is known for...well, nothing, publicly. Seeing as prostitution is illegal, it's kind of hard to be 'well-known' for lot lizards. Chris knows, though. Chris knows by the class of people they get through the joint, and the things he hears those people say. TL;DR: Pretty Woman, Pinto style.

It's in the Touch of Your Hand by brytewolf. Zach is an instructor at the prestigious Los Angeles Ballet Academy when he gets a new student. He's got three months to teach actor Chris Pine the basics of how to move like a ballet dancer, and during the process they discover more than they ever expected.

Vegan Cupcakes for All (Or Whatever) by medea_fic. AU. Chris is a five star chef who gets hired to cater for (famous actor) Zachary Quinto's birthday bash.

Radio #1 by zjofierose. Chris is Zach's intern at a radio station.

The Shepherd and the Dog by ewinfic. Poor shepherd Chris adopts a stray dog, but the dog has a secret: he is actually a man named Zachary who was bewitched by a wicked wizard.

Neighbors by shutterbitch. From the Pinto Kink meme. Featuring, jailbait!Chris and teacher/student.

Watching the Detectives, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 by beederiffic. Zach's an actor who has been riding along with Detectives Urban and Pine of Vice.



Power Dynamics by likeaglass. Power bottom Chris.

And is Still Huge by littleboycalico. Rodolfo shows up at Zach’s apartment but has trouble staying in character.

Glitter on the Floor by therumjournals. A bartender!Zach AU. No Rodolfo in this, but plenty of leather pants.

You Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark by aliassmith. Zach might be naughty, but Chris isn’t all that nice, either.

Inseam by the_deep_magic. Suit!porn.

Handle With Care by zjofierose. Fills the kink!bingo prompt 'virginity/celibacy'.

Morning Glory by the_deep_magic. In which Chris changes his opinion about waking up early.

Bare by janice_lester. Chris has wanted this for a long time. Tonight, Zach's gong to indulge him.

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em by therumjournals. Karl needs a cigarette.

Strict Machine by greenappleseas. It's long, sleek; new chrome components shining in the faint light of the room. Chris walks around it slowly and licks his lips, lifting his eyes to Zach's, dark with desire. He drops to his knees on the hardwood and inspects all the parts of the motor. Lastly, he runs his hand along the metal shaft, stopping before the silicone. He lifts his eyes to Zach's and grins, a bit shocked still. 'You bought me a fucking machine. I can't believe you.'



Twenty Minutes by ewinfic. Bad people made them do it, aka: Fuck or die.

The Two of Us Verse by jenlynns_fics. A love story which runs in reverse and starts about twenty years from now and ends a couple of years in the past.

Primavera by rip_beedlebarg. AU. Teenage Chris goes to live with the Quinto family when his mom is sick.

Captain Spanky Series and its sequel, Supernova by medea_fic. Chris starts experimenting with his sexuality; Zach helps (despite some reluctance at times).


Bonus three-some fic! (Chris Pine/Karl Urban/Zach Quinto)

Fiesta del tres by withthepilot. The one where Zach is a saucy minx, Karl is dickmatized and Chris gets an offer to be the unwitting filling in a hot man sandwich.
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AVictorianGirl: pinto cuddleavictoriangirl on January 18th, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
O_o You mean I have been a bad enough influence that you are actually gonna read Urbine? YAY!!!!!!!!!1111ELEVENTYONE11!!!!!

My job here is done. XD

D'awww. I love you too!!!!! ♥
*creates an endless cycle of Pinto cuddles*
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AVictorianGirl: kirk/mccoy kissavictoriangirl on January 19th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
Hee hee. I am an evol genius who cannot help but share the wonderful man love! XD Not only have I convinced you to read Urbine (and Jim/Bones OMGYAY!!!!) I think I've gotten vivid_moment to read Pinto, so is all good. :DDDD

PS. When am I gonna have some Pinto hooker!fic to add to this list? Hmmmm? *pokes you* ;D

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AVictorianGirl: chris - crotchavictoriangirl on January 19th, 2011 05:42 pm (UTC)

EEEE! Angst you say? Hell yeah! *makes gimme hands*

sangue: rpf bbsangueuk on January 18th, 2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
YOU DID IT AGAIN - I FUCKING LOVE YOU! *wrestles you to the ground* Thank you, bb!

Also, yes, there isn't enough Urbine and I intend to fix this at some point in the future but I can only angst them because THEY HURT SO GOOD! I'll have to surf the buckle_up meme for inspiration soon as I get my Valentine committments out of the way.

Thanks for the links, I like a bit of Pinto now and again simply because Zach is so adorbs. I also suck at remembering titles, so I'm hoping there's Urbine I've missed. *bookmarks*

*snogs you for good measure*
AVictorianGirl: kirk/mccoy kissavictoriangirl on January 19th, 2011 05:39 am (UTC)
Awww, you're so very welcome, bb! I love you too! *covers you in kisses*

OMG YAY!!!! I was hoping to encourage more Urbine. ;) Mmm, angst is always appreciated, but can we have a happy ending to go with it? Pwease? *puppy eyes of DOOM* ♥

I doubt if there is any Urbine that you've missed, as I'm still playing catch up, but you never know. Meanwhile, I'm still reading and adding. Such a hardship, that. ;)

thalia / jr: Fandom: Come for the Pornthalialunacy on January 19th, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)



And man I haven't read those first two in aaaaaaages lol. I was a lot more porny then. What the hell happened? I should fix that. XB
AVictorianGirl: kirk/mccoy kissavictoriangirl on January 19th, 2011 05:26 am (UTC)
My pleasure, bb! *tackle glomps you* I'm still catching up on all your fic, hell, I just read another one to add to the list! *fans self and then puts hands on hips* YES! You really should fix that! ;)
thalia / jr: C/K: THAT is a shared momentthalialunacy on January 23rd, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
There's an embarrassing lot of it, lol. I'm beyond pleased that you're enjoying it, seriously. <33333
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Now, go read some Pinto! *pokes you* ;)
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Yes, Ma'am!! *feels throughly poked ...* but me likes :D but you don't haz to pokes, bb, cos' I'm already there reading - Oh Yeah! :)

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BB! Did you see that I added an Urbine AU that is teacher/student? *flails* I just found it last night!!!!!
vivid_moment: text; holy cowvivid_moment on January 20th, 2011 03:31 pm (UTC)

AVictorianGirl: chris - smileavictoriangirl on January 20th, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
I would never kid you about something so serious, bb. ;) Have you read it yet?!!!!
vivid_moment: carebear; OMG!vivid_moment on January 21st, 2011 10:37 am (UTC)
Nope ;) I read it straight after I read your reply - and I'm still a gooey-mess today. It totally bedazzled & frazzled me <3

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cagedbirdsingscagedbirdsings on May 4th, 2013 11:40 pm (UTC)
Do you know this fic?
Since you rec Pinto fic, I was wondering if you knew this one fic. It's a semi-AU where Zach and Chris sleep together when Chris is 'rubinesque' and then Zach leaves the morning after, making Chris feel like shit and is the catalyst for him losing weight. Years later, on a Trek publicity circuit, Chris says something that reminds Zach of their night and Zach is excited until Chris explodes.

Do you know where I can find it? Thanks in advance!
AVictorianGirl: pinto cuddleavictoriangirl on May 5th, 2013 01:15 am (UTC)
Re: Do you know this fic?
I remember reading that fic, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it or who wrote it. I'm Sorry I couldn't help. :( If you do find it, please let me know? It's gonna drive me crazy other wise! XD
cagedbirdsingscagedbirdsings on May 7th, 2013 04:33 am (UTC)
Re: Do you know this fic?
Found it! It's called "An unusual acquaintance, or, a love story in many parts" by black_an_writes on LJ. Unfortunately, the post is locked.
AVictorianGirl: pinto cuddleavictoriangirl on May 7th, 2013 06:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Do you know this fic?
Thank you so much for letting me know! It's a shame that it's locked, I really wanted to read it again. :( *pouts*
cagedbirdsingscagedbirdsings on May 7th, 2013 07:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Do you know this fic?
I can email it to you. Someone had it on their hard drive and emailed it to me.
Spock's Wifeyspockswifey on May 25th, 2013 04:11 am (UTC)
Re: Do you know this fic?
Can I please have a copy as well? My email is myriadsofdreams @ gmail . com