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28 March 2010 @ 02:38 pm
Star Trek Kirk/Spock fic recs post  
This all started when fyrethief asked me for some Star Trek K/S fic recs. My original plan of course was to only rec a couple so as not to overwhelm her, but then I found I couldn't make up my mind and the list kept growing and growing. O_o I finally decided it was hopeless and I might as well just start a rec entry to post them all in. Feel free to check back often, as I will continue to add more of my favorites as time goes by, because K/S shall always own part of my soul. Now, go forth and read! ♥

ETA: All new recs will have a ~NEW~ in front of them, along with the date that they were added.

Last updated 08/23/2015


The Accidental Matchmaker (AOS) by notboldly. Spock receives a mystery card, thinks it's from Kirk, but it's not. The mistake brings them together.

All Our Yesterdays (the All or Nothing Remix) (AOS) by dreamlittleyo. What it says on the box, a reboot remix of TOS eppy 'All Our Yesterdays'.

Allowed to Touch (AOS) by blue_jack. “Spock! You’re under the influence of some kind of lust ray!”

Antigravity (AOS) by sinestrated. Five times Spock was surprised by the brilliance of Kirk's mind, and one time he totally saw it coming.

Another Country Beckons (TOS) by Rae Trail. It seems that the only person on the Enterprise who isn't aware that Captain Kirk has feelings for his first officer, is Kirk himself.

Asymptote (AOS) by tahariel. A wonderful fic where Spock ends up crazy for Kirk's touch.

Balance (TOS) by awarrington. Spock notices his captain seems to get a thrill out of being in danger and spends months closely monitoring Kirk before approaching him about it. Just about then, events in his life overtake him...

Bases Loaded (AOS) by kyliselle. Be sure and read the sequels which are linked through, they get even better!

Becoming Human (AOS) by rip_beedlebarg. Spock is temporarily turned into a human.

The Blending of Two (TOS) by Charlotte Frost. While on shore leave, Kirk complains of women’s expectations of him and why he goes along with it, until Spock gives him another alternative.

Breaking Points (AOS) by ragdoll987. The Enterprise is asked to transport Vulcan colonists to their new home, including Spock Prime, who acts as a bit of a matchmaker, helping to push the two of them together.

Carpe Diem (AOS) by the_dreamwalker. "Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero – "Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future," Horace once said. And Spock obeys him. Spock will never have enough of James Kirk. Never. James Kirk is human, and Spock will lose him all too soon. Every second by his side is just a little piece of what could be his last chance to love Jim with everything he is, was or will ever be.

Caress (AOS) by awarrington. Four times Jim caressed Spock and one time Spock caressed Jim.

Cast Out Fear (AOS) by s0mmerspr0ssen. Kirk saves Vulcan from Nero at high cost to himself. It falls to Spock to pick up the pieces.

Coming Home (AOS) by awarrington. The Enterprise goes to New Vulcan to help with rebuilding.

A Common Odyssey (TOS) by Elsie Madrid. Kirk and Spock are kidnapped by Romulans.

Cross the Space that Lies Between Us (TOS) by drarroway. Another fic by one of my favorite authors, filled to the brim with angst, h/c and spot on characterizations.

Definite and Unapologetic (AOS) by whochick. Jim finds a kindred spirit in Spock one Christmas, and Uhura engineers a little festive cheer of her own.

Degrees of Separation (AOS) by betweenthebliss. While villains are torturing both of them (or right after), Spock manages to mind meld with Kirk in an attempt to help him control the pain; dauntingly protective and angry "I'm going to kill them for doing this to you" stuff gets through.

Destiny's Bitch: A Love Story (AOS) by nix_this. Jim doesn't even know where to start. Blurting out: 'I got shot in the ass by this planet's version of cupid, only with more teeth and claws, and then I fucked Uhura's boyfriend on the ground after the most emotionally intimate experience of my sad, sad life' seems crass. Now with bonus Deleted sex scene!

Emotions (TOS) by Lady Ra. Spock is drugged and attacked by an alien and thrown into pseudo pon farr.

Entreat Me Not (TOS) by Tkelya. The aftermath of what happened on Vulcan during Spock's Pon Farr.

Every Hug (AOS) by TheProblematique. A chronicle of each and every hug that Kirk and Spock share.

Everybody Hurts (AOS) by twisting_vine_x. Six months after their confrontation with Nero, Jim is still devastated by what happened, and he blames himself for not acting fast enough. To make matters worse, working with Spock is still the most infuriating thing Jim has ever done, and he’s pretty sure he’s not going to last the mission without getting strangled again.

Evolving Towards Forever (TOS) by Elsie Madrid. Some things are inevitable though the path is often a rocky one. Sequel: The Exile.

Filial Piety (AOS) by corpus_invictus. Spock decides to break his bond with Jim in order to leave the Enterprise and go to New Vulcan to make babies with T'Pring.

5x Spock melded w/Kirk & 1x Kirk melded w/Spock (AOS) by ksalterego. After that one meld with Other Spock, Jim Kirk is seriously obsessed by the thought that if Other Spock is really that fascinating, how much more awesome must his Spock be? Thus begins a journey of heartwarming epicness as Jim Kirk gets to know his Spock even better than he could ever imagine via meld after enticing meld.

The Flavor of Gold (TOS) by Sylvia Bond. While on shore leave, Kirk runs into Finnegan, who tells Kirk that he would not have been as successful without Spock. Kirk takes on a one-man mission in order to prove Finnegan wrong. (Kirk so has issues with this!) Meanwhile, Spock, wondering where his 3D chess partner has gone, goes after Kirk. He finds him, of course, and then the fun ensues!

From the Beginning (TOS) by Aelin. Spock is drawn to Kirk from the first time he sees him at the Academy.

The Handmaid of Genius (AOS) by ladyblahblah. When the replicators go offline, Jim reacts unexpectedly.

A Heartbeat (AOS) by brytewolf. Such a complex thing, if you stop to consider it. Most people, he is aware, do not – they know it exists, and leave it at that.

A Hell of His Making (AOS:ID) by ObsidianEmbrace. To harm one's t'hy'la is an unforgivable offense.

Higher Love (AOS) by awarrington. Sweet and romantic first time fic from the K/S Valentine meme.

The Honourable Thing (AOS) by baby_razzle. There are rules to the start and end of relationships. Well, they're more like guidelines, really.

How High the Moon (AOS) by kyliselle. After the destruction of Vulcan, Spock shielded his mind to protect it from his broken bond with T'Pring. Little did he know another bond had already formed in its place.

I Grieve With Thee (AOS) by andieshep. Romance and major angst. This made me bawl like a baby, in a good way. I should warn for character death, although it is neither Kirk or Spock.

If Only In My Dreams (AOS) by twisting_vine_x. Captured by aliens is not exactly how Jim had intended to spend his Christmas Eve.

Improvisation (TOS) By Varoneeka and Ruth Gifford. Jim and Spock are undercover on a ship full of gay Romulan refugees and in the process, discover their feelings for one another.

In Check (TOS) by K'Sal. Mind!chess and logical arguing ending in hotness.

Inevitable Orbits (AOS:ID) by sinestrated. A year into their five-year mission, Spock loses Jim for the second time and struggles with the fallout.

Introvenient (AOS) by jaylee_g. Spock's discovery of his t’hy’la. Angsty and beautifully sweet. The same story is told through Jim's eyes in the sequel, Entire of Himself.

In Vino Veritas (AOS) by awarrington. Jim and Spock get wasted and Jim discovers Spock's human side comes out when he's drunk. He's horny and ready to bang anything. Namely Jim.

Jim and Spock, Through Leonard's Eyes (AOS) by twisting_vine_x. I don't usually read fic from a third person POV, but this is just so angsty and gorgeous.

Keep Your Distance (AOS) by masterofmidgets. Anti-sex pollen makes it so Kirk and Spock can't be around each other and in the process each realizes how much they miss (and love) the other.

~NEW 8/23/15~ A Light in the Darkness by Debbie C. A shore leave turns deadly.

Liberties (AOS) by centrifuge. In which Kirk precipitates an unintended cultural exchange, Spock develops a drinking problem, and the crew stages an intervention, but not the kind Kirk was expecting.

Little Sorrows (TOS) by Dovya Blacque. After a close friend dies, Kirk starts having sleeping problems and Spock discovers that there was a mental link between the two men. Spock must bond with Jim in order to save his life.

Lost and Found (TOS) by UKJess. This is more a Kirk story than K/S, but the author touches on it so I'm putting it here. Besides, Kirk is awesome in every universe and this only goes to prove it. ;)

Lost Together (AOS) by twisting_vine_x. Two years into their mission, Spock and Jim finally get their act together.

Many Waters (AOS) by The Poultry Alchemist. Four years after Spock left him, Jim is finally going to get an explanation.

My Little Captain (AOS) by tlakht. Jim becomes six years old, and Spock takes care of him.

Never Too Late (AOS) by Ed of Oblivion. Five times Spock thought no one was looking, and one time he knew he was caught. Also be sure and read the time stamps What We Remember Forever.

(WIP) Not an Island (AOS) by fourleggedfish. In the Classic episode "Immunity Syndrome," Spock felt the death of 400 Vulcans on a nearby ship so strongly that McCoy had to escort him off of the bridge. When the Narada destroyed Vulcan, billions died. There have to be long-term, serious consequences to that for the surviving Vulcans, and especially for Spock, who shipped off with the Enterprise almost right away. It just might take a while to show. May be abandoned.

Not Even the Stars (AOS & TOS) along with the sequel A Distant Horizon by what_alchemy. Four men. Two realities. One love.

Oasis (AOS) by kyliselle. Kirk accidentally lands himself in an alternate reality, one where Surak's reformation of Vulcan never happened.

Obsession (AOS) by awarrington. From the moment Kirk sets eyes on Spock, he wants him, but Spock isn't free or interested.

The Omitted Admission—Stumbling into Love (AOS) by blcwriter. Spock gives Kirk a meld for Christmas; Spock sees more than Kirk intends him to. Except it kind of turned into a mini-big bang, and the meld precedes Christmas by just a bit.

The Power of Suggestion (TOS) by Dana Austin Marsh. After rejecting the advances of a stranger, Kirk returns to his and Spock’s hotel room and during the night somehow is made to erroneously believe that he and Spock are lovers.

Quiver (AOS) by jaylee_g. Jim is hesitant to allow Spock to meld with him.

~NEW 4/24/15~ (WIP) Rare Merchandise (AOS) by cateadams. Jim and Spock are kidnapped by Orion slavers during a diplomatic mission, transported to a location outside of Federation space and sold to a mysterious woman who commands an entire world. Once there, they are forced to participate in her terrifying agenda: their friendship used against them and their strength brutally tested. Can they survive and escape, or will they be used to bring down the Federation itself?

Redshift (AOS) by museaway. Dual tragedies bring the Enterprise's command team closer together, but the gap between them grows when Spock discovers something in Jim's mind. This is a story about falling in love, falling apart, and falling back together.

Riverside (AOS) by laylafic. The Enterprise is docked at Earth Station McKinley for repairs and upgrades over the holiday season. Jim invites his friend Spock to join him at his family home in Iowa, where he presumes the house to be empty, but his mother unexpectedly shows up. Things have never been easy between Jim and his mother, and now Spock is caught in the middle of a family rift. How will he ease the tension between his friend, for whom his feelings run deeper than he has let on, and Winona Kirk?

A Second Chance (AOS) by laylafic. An incident during a shore leave gone disastrous leaves Spock with a link he never expected with his captain—a bond he needs but which he suspects Jim never wanted. The consequences of how he deals with that ‘belief’ change everything for them.

Senses (AOS) by Mazaher. Touch, taste, sight, smell, sound. Parallel paths winding, intersecting, and finally coming together. And there is also a companion vid found here!

Shades of Mine (AOS) by littlebirdtold. It's the juiciest scandal of the decade. These are widely known facts: 1) On Stardate 2258.266, Commander Spock marries Lieutenant Uhura. Captain Kirk is his best man. 2) On 2259.092, a mission goes awry, and Captain Kirk is irreversibly turned into a ten year old. 3) On 2259.155, Captain Spock and Lieutenant Uhura legally adopt the boy. 4) Eight years later, Commander Uhura resigns from active duty and files for divorce. The rumor has it their son is the reason. Those are the facts, but they don't tell the whole story. This is a story about family, acceptance and different shades of love. Told through Uhura's, McCoy's, Spock's and Jim's eyes.

Shine Like the Sun (AOS) by kyliselle. An accident leaves Spock with amnesia. His last memory is bringing a cadet up on charges for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru - a cadet who, to his disgust, is now his bondmate.

Shut Up and Eat Your Vegetables (AOS) by barrowjane. "If the Captain requires someone to monitor his diet and activities until he is more stable, I will volunteer for such a duty," Spock says, and that's where it starts.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) (AOS) by kianspo. In which Spock contemplates the laws of attraction and realizes what a slippery slope that is only after he has already fallen. There's no help for him now.

A Small Space in Time (TOS) by JackHawksmoor. Kirk and Spock in a small space.

So Much for Gravity (AOS) by regann. The last thing Jim wants is telepathic proof that Spock hates him, even though that's exactly what he gets. It's just one more thing Jim needs to figure out on his bumpy road to a destiny he doesn't even know if he believes in.

Speed of Falling (AOS) by shizuke. He's going 125 miles per hour and the wind is whipping so hard around his ears, he screams just to be able to hear himself.

The Squire of Eros (TOS) by aldora89. An old nemesis pays a social call to the Enterprise just in time for the annual Valentine's Day party. On this occasion it's Spock who draws the brunt force of his irritating personality. But when his holiday-inspired antics turn dangerous, it's up to the Captain and crew to take him down, and Jim is forced to confront his long-evaded desires.

Strength of Men (AOS) by 1lostoneficspot. While a deadly disease incapacitates the Enterprise, an old enemy of Jim's forces him to remember his time on Tarsus IV. Spock finds Kirk's pain unacceptable.

The Sum of its Parts (AOS) by jbmcdragon. Spock and Kirk are kidnapped, tortured and held on an alien planet. Kirk loses his memories and Spock becomes emotionally compromised which results with them slowly becoming aware of their feelings for each other, although the story stops short of them actually being together at the end.

Surrender (TOS) by Killa. The Captain has been through a rough time, and needs someone else to take the reins for a while.

Terminal Point (AOS) by posyvanilla. On a routine diplomatic mission, Spock is captured, and the Enterprise's search for him meets a dead end. Kirk, however, is determined to find him, no matter how long it takes or how far he has to go.

This Deadly Innocence, a.k.a. The End of the Hurt/Comfort Syndrome (TOS) by Leslie Fish. Exactly what it says on the box.

Through Chekov's Eyes (AOS) by littlebirdtold. In which Mr. Spock hates Chekov and terrorizes the crew, Captain Kirk has the best poker face on the ship, Chekov never means to eavesdrop, Uhura gets some curves, Kirk gets cock-blocked, Spock gets off, McCoy pulls rank, Spock pulls Kirk's pigtails, and love sucks.

To You, I Belong (AOS) by brytewolf. After entering a bet with Sulu, Kirk finds himself trying to seduce Spock, whom Kirk believes hates him. But he finds out what Spock feels for him is certainly not hate.

(WIP) Twice is Coincidence (AOS) by JackHawksmoor. Once is happenstance, and three times is enemy action. Kirk and Spock meet his counterpart again, and nothing is ever the same. May be abandoned.

Turbo Tale (TOS) by jesmihr. After Deneva, Jim keeps placing himself in unnecessary danger, Spock finally puts and end to it.

Universal Translation (AOS) by keelywolfe. What happens when a Vulcan, who doesn't do touching, collides with Jim Kirk, a very touchy-feely kinda guy.

~NEW 12/30/14~ Unraveling (AOS) by AnnaKnitsSpock. When the Enterprise receives a December assignment to accompany a Federation investigation on Tarsus IV, Jim is forced to confront not only the trauma he experienced there, but also his conflicted feelings about Christmas, his childhood, and his first officer.

Visual Confirmation (AOS with a dash of TOS) by ladybugkay. I have no words for this. Very short and gorgeous.

Vulcan Constructs (TOS) by Kembas. An exploratory Enterprise landing party is captured and Kirk faces a mindsifter interrogation.

The Vulcan Heart (AOS:ID) by ObsidianEmbrace. "Where two halves make a whole… eventually."

Watching Stars (AOS) by museaway. It took Gol to force Spock's hand. There is time for them. Jim spends two days of shore leave on New Vulcan. Jim/Spock Prime

The Warrior's Way (TOS) by Tmara. Jim is nearly raped, but Spock saves the day.

We'll Lie in the Shadows of Them All (AOS) by Hart_and_sole. Kirk and Spock are sent on a suspicious mission to obtain a local plant from an unfamiliar planet. When things go wrong, Spock is forced to meld with Kirk. The consequences of that meld will change everything.

What the Heart Remembers (TOS) by Killa. After the fal tor pan, Spock thinks he and Kirk were lovers, but in reality, they never were. What will Kirk do if Spock propositions him now? What will happen if Spock thinks the dreams and wishes of his former life were the reality?

~NEW 4/14/15~ What You Love by irrelevant. That may be, Doctor. However, I have noted that the healthy release of emotion is frequently very unhealthy for those closest to you.

What You Love (TOS) by irrelevant. Combined episode tag and fallout scenario for Plato’s Stepchildren.

~NEW 1/2/15~ When Light Shines (AOS) by awarrington & blue_jack. Kirk and Spock are negotiating Federation entry with the Athosian government while the Enterprise is away on delivery duties, when one misunderstanding leads to another.

When Snow the Pasture Sheets (AOS) by tcroi. It has been eleven months since Jim was killed by a group of slavers. Spock is doing his best to move on from his bondmate's death when Dr. McCoy finds Jim—very much alive—on a far-flung mining planet. Jim has been a slave for almost a year and he and Spock must find a way to rebuild their relationship and pick up the pieces of Jim's shattered life.

With My Feet Toward the Stars (let me remember you as you were when you existed) (AOS) by rinsbane. At age five, Spock informs his mother that it is illogical to wish him “sweet dreams” at bedtime because Vulcans do not dream. “Oh, Spock,” she says.

Within Reach (AOS) by littlebirdtold. Four years into the Enterprise's voyage, Spock dies in a transporter accident on a routine mission. Jim slowly falls apart and develops an unhealthy obsession that, ultimately, brings Spock back. Now when Spock is back, all should be well, except everyone thinks Jim needs a psychiatrist, Uhura thinks he's an asshole, and Jim is getting really tired of repeating that Spock and he love each other, but not like that.

The Word Withheld (TOS) by J S Cavalcante. After retrieving Kirk from the interspatial rift of "The Tholian Web," Spock realizes his oath to Starfleet and his service aboard the Enterprise are in jeopardy because he has denied to himself--and withheld from Kirk--a certain truth about the nature of the Vulcan relationship called "t'hy'la."

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (TOS) by Kay S. Spock begins acting strangely after returning from Sarpedion’s past.


Mirror!verse. Now, let me just say up front that I have never been a fan of mirror!verse at all. I am not into the violence and excessive cruelty that most of this genre is comprised of, so imagine my surprise when I came across some mirror fics in which that is not the case at all.

Bed of Silence (TOS) by Rosemary. On the day he receives his captaincy, Kirk is taken by Mitchell to a brothel where the main attraction is a male "devil." This is not specified as mirror!verse, but it reads that way IMO.

Mirrors of Mind and Flesh (TOS) by Gayle F. In a magical cave, Kirk and Spock meet each other’s mirror counterparts in what might be dreams.

None So Blind (TOS) by Brianna Falken. Spock convinces a blinded Kirk to allow him to create a mental link between them while they are stranded on an uninhabited planet after the shuttle crashes. A roller coaster ride of angst in which Kirk learns what trust and love is and Spock always gets what he wants in the end.

Shadow Play (TOS) by Elise Madrid. Kirk and Spock found a world where Rome never fell on Planet 892-IV. Their Mirror counterparts found one where it did.

Though This Be Madness, Yet There is Method In't (AOS) and the follow-up series, Like a False Mirror (XI) by ladyblahblah. The aftermath of a forced bonding is something Kirk hasn't truly considered. He'll have to do so now. A love story, of sorts. Ok, this is a little more violent, but bear with it, because it gets better and it is what it says it is in the end.


AU. Because Star Trek did it first.

Attraction (TOS) By CatalenaMara. On an AU Tarsus, rescue never came. In the throes of pon farr, Spock hires a prostitute. But what Jim is concealing about his present life will change Spock in ways he cannot imagine.

Bonds of Hate and Love (TOS) by Lady Ra. In this universe, Spock did bond with T'Pring. This story picks up two weeks after the bonding.

The Boy Who Cast No Shadow and the Man of Golden Light (AOS) by ladyblahblah. A Fairy Tale based loosely off of selkie legends.

Choices (TOS) by Gayle F. After a surprising night of passion on Argeelius, Kirk and Spock begin an erotic relationship. But the future is uncertain...

Creep (AOS) by littlebirdtold. #1: Fandom AU. Jim is a fandom nobody who has been crushing on a famous BNF writer for ages. Too bad the BNF in question doesn't know of his existence. Features ⌂grumpy_b, also a fandom nobody (who is damn happy to be one), and ⌂nero001, the biggest wanker in Star Trek: TOS fandom. #2: College AU. A story of a fucked-up non-relationship between a popular jock and the resident creep. One story. Two story-lines. One love.

Debt of Honor (TOS) by Brianna Falken. Six months after being taken prisoner and raped by a Vulcan captain, Kirk finds that same Vulcan is now being assigned as his first officer when peace between Vulcan and Earth is declared.

Extra-curricular Activities (AOS) by awarrington. Spock returns to the Academy from a tour of duty to find an intriguing cadet captures his attention.

Gift (AOS) by littlebirdtold. Spock gets a small golden-haired, blue-eyed creature as a gift from his father (except he doesn't). The creature speaks in Nurse T'Amanda's Secret Language, appears to be convinced that Spock is an "elf" and calls itself "Jim." Utterly fascinated, Spock decides to keep it. Set on an extremely xenophobic Vulcan.

Half a Dream Away (AOS) by lalazee. You know I dreamed about you / For twenty-nine years / Before I saw you / You know I dreamed about you /I missed you for twenty-nine years. Wonderful academy fic where Jim and Spock have met before, in their dreams.

Hi, You Were My Husband in Another Life, Professor (AOS) by littlebird. 18-year-old Jim ends up in Once Upon a Time's universe. When he gets back, Jim's curiosity gets the better of him. And then things become complicated.

The King's Page (AOS) by awarrington. Jim gets a job at the royal palace and finds himself falling for King Spock, heir to the Vulcan Empire.

Magpie (AOS) by waldorph. Spock met Jim when he was 7 and Jim was 6. It has since been generally agreed that this was a mistake (or: the one where they grow up together and things are simultaneously better and worse for it).

Once Upon a Time (A Fairy-Tale Love Story) (AOS) by littlebirdtold. In a universe with no Federation, where First Contact never happened, Jim Kirk is your average popular guy. On Christmas Eve, thanks to a series of strange events, Jim finds himself in a parallel universe where the Milky Way is under the control of an alien race and ends up as a servant in the residence of the Royal House of Vulcan. As he starts adapting to his new life, Jim's curiosity fucks everything up—but hey, Vulcans shouldn't have told him that he isn't allowed to enter this wing of the palace; Jim has never been good at following rules.

Prize (TOS) by Ray Newton. On pre-reform Vulcan, Kirk is the prize in a competition.

(WIP) The Prophecy of Apollo (AOS) by ladyblahblah. "Based on the Cupid and Psyche myth. How different would the world be if Surak's influence had never spread, if the Awakening had never happened, if Vulcans had never sought to control their emotions? It's the Federation, Jim, but not as we know it. Warlord Sarek's son has reached his Time and requires a mate. Who will brave the monster's lair?" Abandoned. *sigh*

Shadow of a Dragon by yeaka. Ever ungrateful and insolent to the Vulcan Empire, Jim earns his final sentence. He’s sacrificed to the secret son of an ambassador, locked away deep in the mountains. And things will grow from there.

Straight on 'til Morning (TOS) by drarroway. Set just after the 5 year mission. When Spock goes to Gol, Kirk disappears and becomes captain of a pirate ship which is somehow a combination deep sea diving ship/sailing ship on a water planet. Spock comes back after realizing his mistake and searches for Jim.

Streetlight People (AOS) by ladyblahblah. Strangers waitin', up and down the boulevard, their shadows searchin' in the night. Streetlight people, living just to find emotion; hiding somewhere in the night.

Vulcans are Fangirls Too (AOS) by skellig8 & jouissant. Kirk is a secret astrophysics genius who publishes under a pseudonym; Spock sends him fan-mail. Shenanigans ensue!



Accidental Intermission (AOS) by brytewolf. Jim inadvertently feeds Spock chocolate.

The Brothel (TOS) by Gayle F. Kirk has been enslaved and is a whore on Vulcan.

For I Am Exposed (AOS) by Keelywolfe. Exposure to an unknown substance has affected the crew of the Enterprise.

Kirk's Tramp Stamp (AOS) by ksalterego. Kirk gets a tattoo, only he doesn't know what it says. Spock, however can read it just fine. Now with a follow-up from Spock's POV.

Master and Commander (TOS) by Aconitum-Napellus. After a session in the gym, Spock and Kirk find that there's a malfunction with the showers. The only option is to share ...

Master of a Nothing Place (AOS) by strzyga. Spock is stripped of his logic on an away mission gone bad and turns feral, incredibly violent and utterly brutal. When he comes across Jim, though, he is possessive, protective, and even affectionate. Ok, this is SO very much more than PWP, but I have put it here because I don't really feel like it belongs in the general recs as it is probably not everyone's cup of tea. If you don't like violence and/or gore you might want to stay away.

The One Where Jim and Spock Have Sex During Shore Leave (AOS) by 1lostoneficspot. The title says it all.

Pink (AOS) by the_deep_magic. Extensive investigation on just what happened last night.

Red Shift (AOS) by jane_potter. Spock doesn't do well with public nudity, particularly when his mate is involved. Fortunately for Jim, this usually leads to possessive wall sex.

Taking One for the Team (AOS) by awarrington. Kirk is forced to endure unusual torture at the hands of his captives. Or: Aliens Made Them Do It!

This Cunning Plan (AOS) and the sequel I'll Meet You There by noxiefic.

Wall (AOS) by ningengirai. Hot wall sex. That is all.


Fic set between TOS and TMP. These are the best fics that I have come across that attempt to explain what happens in that unknown time period.

Cannot Touch (TOS) by TGuess. I like the solution this author came up with, although I don't entirely agree with it.

I Should Have Known (TOS) by TLeynti. Short, completely plausible, angsty and nicely done.

The Madman of Lesath II (TOS) by Debbie C. This is a brilliant piece of writing that broke my heart into hundreds of tiny little pieces. Warning for non-con and torture. Read at your own risk.

Slaveworld (TOS) By Gloria Fry. Ok, first of all this is NOT slash. *gasp* IKR? I can't believe I'm making a disclaimer for friendship only fic! XD Anywhooo ... Kirk is kidnapped and turned into a slave by a race of Vulcans on an alien planet and Spock of course must rescue him. Even though there is no slash, the love shown between Jim and Spock is simply beautiful. I have a thing for bonding and yes, they are telepathically bonded as brothers and IT IS WONDERFUL!!! ♥

Turning Point (TOS) by Killa. A TOS fic that I have loved forever, I suppose it probably should be on the EPIC list as well. This is my personal fanon. UST and then angst with a capital A! It has a sequel called Full Circle which is actually linked at the end of the first story, so you can just keep reading through.


Pon Farr aka Mate or Die

All That We Can Be, Not Just What We Are (AOS) by dreamlittleyo. The bond between captain and first mate runs deeper than blood. Be sure and read the sequels, Who Am I To Say and Living on the Promise in Your Last Kiss

Chaotic (AOS) by jaylee_g. 'Amok Time', reboot style.

Cave Paintings (TOS) by jesmihr. Kirk and Spock are all alone on a planet with no other inhabitants and the Enterprise is light years away. What could possibly go wrong?

The Deep End of Emotion (TOS) by Dana Austin Marsh. After Kirk helps Spock through pon farr they decide to go back to a platonic relationship, only to have their mutual love for each other gradually draw them together.

Devil's Bargain (TOS) by Rhaegal. Set after TMP. Spock’s impending pon farr makes him wary of agreeing to a second five-year mission, so Kirk agrees to lend a hand (so to speak) should the situation arise. What could possibly go wrong?

Hold the Stake as You Burn (AOS) by the_arc5. Fragmented, vaguely insane pon farr blood fever.

Madness Most Discreet (AOS) by Della19. A starship Captain may be taught to deal with a lot, but no one ever told him how to handle falling in love with his Vulcan First Officer. Jim thinks it definitely should be added to the manual. A tale about Pon Farr, first times and the insanity of love. These Things We Do Not Speak Of, is the companion fic written from Spock's POV.

The Male Vulcan in Mating Season (AOS) by eagle_of_idiocy. Six places in which Spock tried to make it with Kirk, and the one time and place Kirk finally got the hint and decided to help out.

Need (TOS) by jemariel. One of the original solutions as to what happened after 'Amok Time'.

The Property of the Victor (TOS but also reads as AOS IMO) by kyliselle. Kirk and Spock are taken prisoner by a Romulan in Pon Farr.

Through Blind Men's Eyes (AOS) by ladyblahblah. Another pon farr story with a brilliant twist.

Turn Not Back (AOS) by ladyblahblah. Pon farr hits and Spock finds himself without a mate. Except . . . wait, when did that happen?

Whole Together (AOS) by heeroluva. Jim breaks into prison to break Spock out, but when he finally finds Spock things don’t go quite as planned.

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) (AOS) by seperis. Reboot Pon Farr fic with a twist. Kirk goes down to earth to deal with induced pon farr from the mind meld with Spock Prime. Nu!Spock has a plan. War Games (XI), is the sequel. Both fics are equally amazing. *points below* This series belongs on the EPIC list as well. ♥



Atlas (AOS) by Angel Baby1. Slightly AU. Spock and Jim are soulmates in this slow building epic with angst out the wazoo. Her Jim is almost, but not quite, super!Jim and I love him to death in this fic.

(WIP) Divergence (AOS) by 13empress. Someone from the Narada survived, got sucked through when the singularity was forming to about 12 years before, manages to convene with Narada and basically Nero decides to kidnap Spock and Kirk, and change the time line, again.

The Door (AOS) by pouxin. Spock and Jim both have their doors. Jim wants his to be open. Spock wants his to be closed.

Evolution (AOS) by rhaegal. The Enterprise's first mission under the (official) captaincy of James T. Kirk.

(WIP) The Flavor of Laughter (AOS) by brytewolf. This begins from the point when they arrive home at earth and then takes them on their first mission to help rebuild New Vulcan. An epic slow building romance. I have it from the author that this is not abandoned. We just need to be patient. :)

For Gladness of You (AOS) by kariye. In which shit goes down in no particular order: Jim almost starts a war, Spock gets tortured, Jim gets kidnapped, Jim gets tortured, Spock gets not-quite-kidnapped, Jim takes the Enterprise joyriding, and mysterious Vulcans with their even more mysterious leader hop a ride for a few weeks. But that’s not what the story’s about. It’s about this: Jim was always going to fall in love with Spock – boldly, recklessly. He just didn’t expect to stay that way. A story about getting over all that.

Home (AOS) by Lanaea. One of my favorite reboot fics. Both her Kirk and Spock voices are spot on. This is filled to the brim with UST and very slow building which is the very best. Technically it is a WIP, and she hasn't updated in a long time, but the place where she stopped left me happy and feels like closure, so I kinda consider it finished as is, especially when it doesn't look like she will ever continue it.

Leave No Soul Behind (AOS) by whochick. AU. If you're Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you're dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long painful one on some godforsaken planet, they're going to come for you. So count your last breaths, son, and hold on tight. They leave no soul behind.

The Lotus Eaters (AOS with a dash of TOS) by aldora89. Stranded on the planet Sigma Nox while searching for a missing away team, Spock and Kirk find themselves pitted against a disturbing native life form. With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough – but when a slim chance for escape surfaces, their resolve is truly put to the test. Together they must fight for survival in the heart of an alien jungle, and in the process, uncover the mystery of the planet’s past.

Nightvisions (TOS) by Carol Frisbie. When Kirk is blinded by a Tholian weapon, Spock leaves the service to stay at his side.

~NEW 1/2/15~ No-Win Scenario (AOS) and its sequels by cateadams. A split-second decision changes Jim’s life forever, as a desperate bid for survival results in a bond with Spock. As Jim tries to understand their new connection, he must contend with his own inner struggles. Surprising new enemies are revealed and unexpected threats emerge, and Jim must come to terms with the true significance of their bond before it is too late.

Observations (AOS) by anon_j_anon. Told from Spock's POV, her Spock voice is simply PERFECT (as is her Jim as well) and she has the ability to say so much with so few words. This fic has reduced me to tears more than once and is a beautiful, very slow building epic romance. If you read nothing else, read this.

So Wise We Grow (AOS) by captanddeastar. Spock and Jim raise a Vulcan child together on the Enterprise and fall slowly in love.

Spice (TOS) by eimeo. "It’s a question of biology. Vulcan biology. The problem with falling in love with a member of an insanely private species is that it just might take you the best part of a five year mission to work out that the feelings are requited. And then you might discover that he’s already decided that the two of you can never be together. And what are you supposed to do if he won’t tell you why?"

Tangled Destinies (AOS) by keiramarcos. Spock convinces his father to move to Earth after refusing to bond with T’Pring. The consequences of this change the dynamics of his family and sets him on the path that will lead him directly to James Kirk, who is part Betazoid in this story.



AnalyzationCommentary of TOS for K/S by Brittany Diamond. In which the author analyses each episode of TOS as proof/support of K/S. In her words: "I don't like the idea of Kirk and Spock and make up evidence, I like the idea of Kirk and Spock because of the evidence."

~NEW 11/7/13~ The Kirk/Spock Meta Project. More meta than you can shake a stick at! ♥



TOS. I had to add this vid, because it's perfect and OMG the ANGST!



Combination of TOS & XI.

This one just makes me feel good. :) XI

THIS. JUST THIS. Epic Awesomeness. XI & TOS


XI with a few hints of TOS

reenaredreenared on June 20th, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
Currently enjoying. So much enjoyment. x3

However, I was wondering if you knew of any fic that would involve TOS mirrorverse, with mirror!Kirk being stuck in the original verse (with or without any of his crew. And by crew I mean mirror!Spock).

Also... I have watched the 2009 movie, and I am not happy about it. I don't feel young Kirk was anything like the Kirk in the original verse, not by any stretch of the imagination. Spock was a bit more believable, but it felt like everything was... overdone. So much yelling and running and... more yelling! Young Jim is too bratty, cranes his neck at anything with boobs, yells and is so very arrogant (Shatner's Kirk loved the ladies, yes, but he was very dignified about it and never actively chased booty unless he was truly infatuated)... and young Spock is ALWAYS so conflicted, and I really didn't understand the "romance" with Uhura.
This makes it very difficult for me to enjoy anything concerning the rebootverse. Convince me I'm missing out on something?

...I seem to have gone off in a rant. My apologies. *is kinda starved for K/S conversation*
AVictorianGirl: kirk/spock - destinyavictoriangirl on June 20th, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
Yay! *enjoys that you are enjoying* :D

Hmmm. No, I can't think of any fic like that off hand, but then I'm not a huge fan of mirror!verse. You might ask over at st_ficfinder or even kirkspock and see if anyone there could help. :)

Ah, you are not alone! I felt the same way about the new movie at first. But after watching it a few more times and reading fanfic, I came to like XI just as much as TOS. You have to remember that it's an entirely new alternate universe and Kirk is slightly different because of the way events played out, what with his father dying, his mother being absent, his brother leaving him when he was so young and the questionable way that his Uncle Frank treated him. So yes, he has much more of an attitude and I found him not very likable at first, but he's really the same person underneath, you just have to dig a little! I think if you read enough fanfic where they develop his character a bit more, you'll change your mind about nu!Kirk, at least I did. And don't even get me started about the Spock/Uhura thing. UGH. STILL hate it. Stupid screen-writers. >:( Of course fanfic writers have them break up or find a way to circumvent that little problem. ;)

I have been racking my brain to think of a good fic to convert you over to XI, but it's been so long since I've read some of them that I don't know which one covers all of the bases. :( Again, you might ask the same question over a kirkspock, I'm sure that you will get an even better answer than I've given you. :) Good luck and happy reading! ♥