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03 January 2020 @ 03:55 pm
stickyHi there! If you only want to friend my journal for the fanart please go right ahead, it's all public unless I have made something specifically for someone at their request. All my personal entries, however, are f-locked and if you would like me to friend you back please leave a comment so that I can get to know you first. If we have enough in common I would love to be your friend. Comments are screened.

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13 August 2015 @ 06:15 pm
As you can see, I'm still alive and I've been busy! :D I never say no to the muse when she's on a roll. ;) Click on the covers to see in all their full size glory.

1. The Unchartable Truth by sophia_bee . Historical pirate!fic, need I say more? ;)
2. Four Nights by theapolis. Fake relationship with ALL THE PINING.
3. Hide Your Fires by swoopswoop. And yet more historical fic. :D
4. April by nextraordinaire . WIP where they are scientists in the Canadian arctic. Can't recommend this enough!
5. For the Love of Pumpkin Pie by butterynutjob . More fun fake relationship fic! ♥
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06 June 2015 @ 07:23 pm

You guise. It's a Regency AU and IT'S A-MAZING. YOU MUST GO READ IT. Obviously, it's right up my alley, so there was no way in hell that I could resist making a cover for it. ;)

What We All Long For by nos4a2no9 .
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13 May 2015 @ 09:49 pm

I can't believe how quickly this came together. Really it's because after reading this wonderful fic by madneto , I decided I needed to make an Indiana Jones style cover for it. :D
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07 May 2015 @ 01:42 pm

For “Sweet Torture” by butterynutjob , because I know how much she loves Erik in tight leather pants. ;)
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11 March 2015 @ 07:01 pm

Covers for Plain Sight by aesc and pearlo and The Swan by waitfornight.
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Fic by afrocurl : Cocktail Politics and Obscure Details on LJ or AO3

Summary: Charles hates that his day consists of both Hank's overeager extra lab work and a visit from Emma's colleague who always drives him nuts. Only his day gets much much worse.

A/N: I can’t remember why my brain came up with this idea, nostalgia maybe, but I thought it would be fun to have a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids AU in which crazy inventor Hank accidentally shrinks Erik and Charles down to the size of insects and lots of adventures with mini!Cherik ensue. Very special thanks to afrocurl , who is awesome, for pinch hitting for me on such short notice when my original author fell through. ♥

Click on most images for full size.

Original art prompt:

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Fic by butterynutjob : True Love's Kiss

Summary: Erik and his brothers are orphaned fairy children living in the magic land of Genosha when Erik is betrayed and maimed by the human boy he thought cared about him. After the boy is crowned king of neighboring Westchester, Erik has his revenge by cursing the king’s son, Prince Charles, but after 15 years he discovers that he cares about the boy a little too much. (Pastiche with Disney’s Maleficent.)

A/N: I fell in love with Maleficent when I first saw it at the theatre and ever since then I have been dying for a Cherik version with Erik as Maleficent, Charles as Aurora and Raven as Diaval. As a matter of fact, I wanted it so badly that I started working on the manip of Erik within days of viewing the movie! Of course I wasn't the only one to have this brilliant idea and after seeing the other gorgeous art created for this AU, I very nearly didn't complete mine and submit it for claims. But the thing was, there were still no stories and I. REALLY. WANTED. FIC. So I went for it and am I ever glad I did. My lovely author, butterynutjob , has not only been simply wonderful to work with, but she gave me the story that I've been dying for. I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you so much, darling! ♥

Click on most of the images to enlarge.

Fic banner:

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04 January 2015 @ 10:16 am
Here's the eBook cover that I said I was going to post yesterday. *cough* I had good intentions, I swear, but I've been kidnapped by my muse into making more art for one of my xmenreversebang prompts. I forgot what it's like; SOMEONE HELP ME... *is forcibly drug back off*

The stars incline us, they do not bind us by ikeracity & Pangea.
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